Lily flame – Room Mist Sprays from £9.99

We’ve created these unique Room Mists for those of you who can’t get enough of Lily-Flame’s splendid scents.Just as lovely as our favourite candles and with an instant result! Just flip your lid, and spray away!

The First Kiss of the Night! Up close, A sultry, heady scent, when dissipated into your room, a unique, beautiful thing. It’ll bring a smile to your face.

Invisible & True Of all our room mist sprays, this is our most popular. A difficult scent to describe; based on a fine fragrance, It’s Powdery, Warm, Sparkly and Magical. In short- Fairy Dust!

Daisy Dip; In a faraway field. A light floral fine fragrance, this popular scent was named after the field where Lily-Flame’s co-founder, Jo used to play as a girl. Ah- isn’t that sweet !!

Bluebell Forest; Dewdrops on Your Shoes.

The sun’s rays making you squint. The soft earth beneath your feet the forest’s dappled canopy above. Soft, Fresh and sweet in equal measures.

Christmas Spice; A warm Blend of Cinnamon and Cloves.

Making any room smell divinely festive, this Classic Christmas scent with Its aromatic blend of cinnamon and cloves make it the perfect fragrance for an evening curled up in the cosy warmth of home. This is our most popular Christmas Scent.

Morning Sun and Mountain Air. Super fresh and breezy. Like it’s just taken in off the line. Look very closely and you’ll see that the label is embossed with a fine white linen pattern. Now that’s what you call attention to detail.

Let the Day Float Away! A Classic heavy scented lavender blended with a contemporary citrus edge. Ahh!

For all of Time! This is a delicate and sophisticated blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli (a memory of the late sixties and early seventies nostalgia fans)

Hot! Hot! Hot! The worlds tangiest, most mango-ey room mist spray. Just look at it. It’s fantastic isn’t it!

Now is the Happiest Time of your Life! This is a Fresh & slightly spicy scent.Very spring like and uplifting with a label to compliment.

Party Time! ; Eat, Drink, Be Merry! As Vibrant as the gold and pink on the label and part of the same ‘Fine Fragrance’ family as Fairy, Blush and Exquisite, this is a sophisticated night time scent to get you in the mood for fun.

Zingtastic! A clean, sophisticated zingy treat. Florida sunlight in room mist spray form!

Silent Night; Sweet Dreams! On close olfactory (look it up) inspection, This scent is very sweet. The scent of the evening fields at harvest time.

Smile!; Spread a little Sunshine! This has become an instant hit – A fresh, sophisticated raspberry scent. With a label that makes you squint if you look at in bright sunlight! Blimus!

Snow Fall; Drifting Down Without a Sound.This scent is super soft and rounded. Capturing the special quietness that comes with the first snow of the year.

Verbena; A Summer in Provence. Clean and Sweet, a Floral blend with a Lemon twist. Can’t take a month off to lol about reading in the South of France? Maybe close your eyes and be there in spirit instead.

Wild Jasmine – In the Morning Sun.

Very strong, intoxicating, Warm and Calming – One of our most popular scents.

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